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First Name Dimitar
Last Name Velichkov
Country Bulgaria

Dimitar Velichkov – Artistic Biography
Born on 12.01.1971 in Sofia Bulgaria.

Finishes High School for Fine Arts- Academic ‘’Iliya Petrov’’ in 1990. After successfully passing the exams he is accepted as a student-specialty Illustration and graphic design to prof. Vladislav Paskalev and Assoc. Prof. Nicolai Alexiev. Large number of his studies and drawings during the period of education in the Academy became part of the museum-with more than hundred years old collection.

In 1998 Dimitar Velichkov finishes his academical course and in 1999 he accepts his diploma in Illustration and graphic design. He has interests in many other areas such as graphics, painting, computer graphics. He is member of Balkan Art association. His pictures are part of many private and museum collections in Russia, Romania, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia, England, USA, Canada, Spain , South Africa and many others.



1995 - Exhibition paintings in Lom Bulgaria
1996 - Exhibition Paintings in Plovdiv Bulgaria
2000 - Exibition Paintings in Art info center Belkanto-Svoge Bulgaria
2001-Exhibition Between two milleniums-National Museum of Transylvania Cluj Napoca Romania
2006-Exhibition in Russian Embassy Cultural Center Sofia
2007-Exhibition in Blagoevgrad Bulgaria-Gallery  “Liubimo”
2008-Exhibition in  Zabreh na Moravy Rovensko Czech Republic-Krnavkovi Gallery 


1997-Exhibition in Plovdiv dedicated to Schubert days in Balaban’s house
1999- Represents Bulgaria in International Art Camp in Baia Mare Romania-(01-18.06.1999)
1999-Participates in Autumn Exhibition Varosha Gallery Lovech -Bulgaria
2000-Exhibition in General Headquarters of Bulgarian army-dedicated to 110th Anniversary
2000-Represents Bulgaria in the international Art Camp -Carei 2000 -Dorothea Fleiss& East West Artists
2001-Exhibition with the Turkish painter Ozlem Kalkan Erenus in Bursa- Turkey -Sehir Merkezit
2001-Represents Bulgaria in 6th International Art Camp in Aiud Romania -Transylvania
2001-Represnts Bulgaria in International ArtCamp Essen Germany -Dorothea Fleiss&East West artists
2001-Exhibition in Sredetz Gallery Sofia with Ozlem Kalkan Erenus-’’Balkan friendship2001’’
2002-Exhibition in Debrecen Hungary
2002-ArtCamp in Becescsaba Hungary
2002-Italy-Ochieppo Inferiore Art Camp organized from Pro Locco-exhibition in Villa Schneider Biella Piemonte
2002-International Art Camp in Gyomaendrod - Hungary-Exhibition in the History museum
2003-Kemer Turkey-International Artcamp participation in Carnaval days
2003-Italy Ochieppo Inferiore Art Camp
2004-Uchisar Capadokya Turkey-International Art Camp
2004-Szabadkigyos Hungary Wencheim Castle Exhibition and Art Camp
2004-Aiud Transylvania Romania Inter Art Camp
2004- Michalovce Slovakia -Malerski Symposium and Exhibition in City Gallery-(18-25th October)
2004-Viena Austria-International Art Exhibition-(13th-25th November)2005- Szabadkigos-Hungary-International Art Camp-(6th-17th July)2005-Medgidia-Romania-International Art Camp-(27thof July-7th August)
2005-Aiud-Romania Transylvania-International Art Camp-10th edition-(10th August-26th August)
2006- Medgidia-Romania-International Art Camp
2006- Aiud-Romania Transylvania-International Art Camp-11th edition
2007-Occhieppo Inferiore-Italy-The International Art Simposio-participant
2007-Velky Saris-Slovakia-Mejdunarodni Malerski Plener-exhibition in the Local History Museum
2008-Aiud-Romania Transylvania-Inter Art Camp-August
2008-Occhieppo Inferiore-Italy-International Art Simposio
2008-Dudince –Slovakia- Mejdunarodni Malerski Plener
2009-Sighisoara Romania-June workshop
2010-Aitoo Finland-International Workshop and exhibition-June 2010
2010- Aiud-Romania Transylvania-Participant in Inter Art Camp- August
2010-Occhieppo Inferriore Piemonte Italy-International Simposio and Final exhibition in San Clemente Church
2010-Istanbul -Turkey-Atakoy Group Exhibition-"Connections 2010" with Ozlem Kalkan Erenus and Istvan Balog-December
2011- Rasnov -”Festival of the Rose”-Transylvania Romania-organized from Art And Heritage
2011-Biertan -International workshop-Romania Transylvania -organized from Art And Heritage
2011-Groebming -Styria Austria-International workshop
2011- Inter Art Camp-Aiud Romania
2011- Occhieppo Inferiore-Italy-International simposio
2011-Gusakovec -Croatia- Hudek Art 6-international workshop - 11.09.2010
2011-Opening of “A+” Gallery in Plovdiv-first exhibition-participates with three works











Dimitar Velichkov – Artistic Biography
Born on 12.01.1971 in Sofia Bulgaria.

Finishes High School for Fine Arts- Academic ‘’Iliya Petrov’&rs...

Time machine
by Velichkov
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Ship for two
by Velichkov
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Nuclear Aple
by Velichkov
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Abstract Simphony
by Velichkov
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