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First Name Lee Reynolds
Last Name Burr
Born 1936-01-01
Country United States
Born: Los Angeles, California, 1936
Educated: University of Southern California-BFA

Select Commissions Include:

Los Angeles International Airport
The Artists Alliance of America
Raddisson Hotels International
Exhibit 1 Gallery-Beverly Hills
Joe Robbie Stadium-Miami

Selected Collections:

Flint Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Columbus Museum,Miami Art Museum, New York Graphic society, The East Park Collection,The Palladium of American Art, Kaui Museum

Related Group Shows Include:
London, Riyadh, Tokyo, Montreal, Melbourne, New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta

"LEE REYNOLDS" BURR has long been a central figure in American art. The artist's highly distinctive paintings began appearing in important collections over thirty years ago. Today, the artist's canvases and graphics enjoy an international collector audience and appear in countless public collections. It may be of additional interest that Burr's renown is not confined solely to fine art circles.

The artist remains widely recognized as having massively elevated the aesthetic standards measuring decorative art, with the founding of Vanguard Studios of America in the late 1960's. Taken on as a side project, Burr saw to the organization becoming the major international source of cutting-edge sculptures and paintings produced as decorative objects.

More than thirty years ago and having succeeded in all that he had undertaken in the field of decorative art, Burr assigned creative guidance to others and liquidated his interest in Vanguard Studios. To this day, Vanguard's trade name signature—"Lee Reynolds"—appears on more canvases globally than any other.

Burr's personal works carry the artist's full signature—Lee Reynolds Burr. The pieces require no signature; characteristic methods of expression reveal authorship.

Whether entirely non-objective or largely representational, the artist's compositions are united by stylistic conventions common to all. In each we find indistinct margins supporting highly distinct central imagery; deft drawing defining subject; impasto enriching surface quality; harmonic colouring uniting content; pattern complementing the whole.

The painter's works issue from a mature talent; they tell us of an artist entirely confident ol his powers.
Born: Los Angeles, California, 1936
Educated: University of Southern California-BFA

Select Commissions Include:

Los Angeles International Airport
Feminine Grace
by Burr
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