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First Name jamie
Last Name hogaboam
Born 1965-01-07
Country Canada
I paint portraits of sports stars and musicians with acrylics on canvas. I've moving in some other directions as well. Painting nude and semi-nude pregnant women and doing some landscapes. But not traditional landscapes, more unique.

Hi I've been painting for about four years. I'm self-taught. As a good friend of mine says, "You just got up one day and said I'm going to buy some paint and canvas and be an artist."

I had been painting football players since I was 4. And they always had to have mud and grass stains on their uniforms and arms, legs and helmets.

When I started with canvas I really didn't know what I was doing when I started but I wanted to create as much realism as I could. I wanted to make the fiqures stand out, almost as they were coming off the canvas towards you. capture the emotion of the moment. Inportant events in sports not just a portrait but a portrait of an important play, or from an inportant game or a great catch etc. I've have done portraits of athletes that were not from an important event but even then I want to capture then realistically. The way you would see then on your TV screen or at the event. With their game face on. When I received my first commission, that of the longest serving player in the Canadian Football League, Bob Cameron of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, I had quite the argument with the Blue Bombers about Cameron's face. It seems he sticks his tougue out just before he makes contact with the ball. The Blue Bombers wanted me to paint it out but I argued that that is not capturing the realism of the player.

I've also like to paint conflict such as labour disputes. Picketlines, confrontations with authority such as my painting "Welcome To Seattle!!!" I see these as modern paintings like those battle scenes that were painted in Europe and the US of the civil and revolutionary wars.
A style of painting which depicts subject matter (form, color, space) as it appears in actuality or ordinary visual experience without distortion or stylization. In a general sense, refers to objective representation. More specifically, a nineteenth century movement, especially in France, that rejected idealized academic styles in favor of everyday subjects. Daumier, Millet, and Courbet were realists.
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Dale Hawerchuk Winnipeg Jets
by hogaboam
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Dale Hawerchuk Winnipeg Jets Fl
by hogaboam
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Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints
by hogaboam
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Bobby Bowden Florida State Gicl
by hogaboam
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