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First Name Manuel
Last Name Bunuel
Born 1940-12-22
Country Spain

Griffirth Art Gallery is pleased to represent this talented artist Manuel Monton Bunuel from Barcelona, Spain.

Bunuel attended the Universida de Zaragoza studying medicine.  Upon graduating, he served in the military from 1960-1962.  Upon completion of his military service, he went to Paris, France to study painting.  After six years, he returned to Barcelona to paint full time.  Manuel met and married his now wife, an elite woman of society in Palma de Majorca where he still resides.

Contact Griffith Art Gallery at 205-985-7969 or email for more information and to view the collection of original paintings by this talented artist.

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Art in which recognizable figures or objects are portrayed.
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An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist artists sought to break up light into its component colors and render its ephemeral play on various objects. The artist's vision was intensely centered on light and the ways it transforms the visible world. This style of painting is characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors used to recreate visual impressions of the subject and to capture the light, climate and atmosphere of the subject at a specific moment in time. The chosen colors represent light which is broken down into its spectrum components and recombined by the eyes into another color when viewed at a distance (an optical mixture). The term was first used in 1874 by a journalist ridiculing a landscape by Monet called Impression - Sunrise.
Path Through the Village
by Bunuel
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