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First Name Sergei
Last Name Afonskiy
Born 1967-01-01
Country Russia
Sergei Afonsky
Victoria Afonskaya

They were born in 1967. In 1994 they graduated from the Moscow State Arts Institute named after V.I. Surikov. Since 1995 they have been members of the Moscow Union of artists and The International Art Fund. Since 1987 they have been participants of Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions. In 1995 they took part in the exhibition of Russian artists in a session of the General Assembly of the UN in New-York. In 1997 – an exhibition “20 centuries ac” in the Central House of Art. In 2000-2003 a participation in art exhibitions “The Golden Brush” in the Central House of Art and at the Small Manezh. 2004 – a participation in the exhibition “Russia 10” in the Central House of Arts. Personal exhibitions: “Revelation” in the museum “Krasnaya Presnya” 1993. “An Angel With a Flower” in the gallery “Union-Creation” 1999. “The Way” in the Central House of Arts 2000. “Russian Landscape”, The International Art Fund 2003.
About their personal exhibitions it was said in such magazines as “Russian Home”, “Your Leisure” and others. In 2002 Victoria Afonskaya was given the prize of “The Golden Brush”. The Afonskys’ works are in the collection of the State Russian museum of the modern history, in Russian and foreign private collections.
A style of painting which depicts subject matter (form, color, space) as it appears in actuality or ordinary visual experience without distortion or stylization. In a general sense, refers to objective representation. More specifically, a nineteenth century movement, especially in France, that rejected idealized academic styles in favor of everyday subjects. Daumier, Millet, and Courbet were realists.
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Murmur of the birch forest
by Afonskiy
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Fathomless lake
by Afonskiy
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by Afonskiy
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Calm evening
by Afonskiy
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