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First Name Sonia
Last Name Vilon
Born 1976-02-28
Country Canada
I have been drawing and painting from a very young age. My favorite suject to paint is abstract art. I love to let my creativity run wild and let go my imagination to what brings me joy when I paint. My favorite mediums are oils and acrylics. My first experience with oils was in 1997 and I just feal in love with it. All my life I had dreamed of painting with oils. In 1999-2000 I went to the Ottawa School of Art wich was a wonderfull experience for me. Paint, paint, paint is all I wanted to do. I was out there painting all the time. In 2005 my dream came to a halt as illness took over my life. After having went through hard times fighting illness that invaded me, being partially paralised and in chronic pain made it hard for me to do what I love to do. In 2007 a flood filled our house and I lost some of my beautifull artwork exept for my 2002 abstract art Collection and a few other paintings and pastels. Now I am back to being an artist part time and so happy to be able to let my free will imagination being creative again. I thank life every day for being here. For the first time my 2002 abstract art Collection is for sale as it had always been part of my own home decor. I dedicate part of my life to what I love to do and that is painting from the heart.

Considered as the standard medium for paintings, since the sixteenth century, Oil Paintings are the most popular and luminous of all paintings.
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Alien Nation
by Vilon
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Secret Melodies
by Vilon
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Mystical Journey
by Vilon
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Dragon Adventure
by Vilon
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Acrylic is a popular and versatile painting medium, using pigments dispersed in a polymeth...
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