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First Name Mauriel
Last Name Morejon
Born 1981-12-23
Country United States

Mauriel Morejon was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, son of Italian father , and a cuban mother, since he was a child use to sketch 
a paint almost every day as his natural activity,  Morejon by the age of 11 entered in the elemental art school Roland 
Scaldoft, where after this years of learning different techniques Morejon  created his own visual world , by 1993 entered in 
the ENA National School of Art San Alejandro in Havana Cuba, finishing his Master Degree in Trinidad ENA Cuba where he 
graduate in 1996 as a professional artist .Over the next several years Morejon continue painting and teaching art at the 
time, his first art work where displayed in the FBC a Cuban International  Gallery, he sold more than 30 art work in less than 
a year, by the age of 17 his paintings was declared National Patrimony,1999 he left his home town as a politico refuge, and 
through the IOM International Community Rescued he was placed in Phoenix Arizona USA, where in several years he 
became one of the most renowned muralist in the estate, by loving his surround and new cultures and the same time being 
admired by his public by his artwork, he named his own business : Arizona Murals LLC with more than 340 Murals around 
the Valley  and
other states.

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Theme expose historical fact, event or just live in old days.
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Early Morning
by Morejon
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