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First Name Janos
Last Name Kardos
Country Hungary

Griffith Art Gallery is pleased to represent original paintings on canvas by Hungarian born artist Janos Kardos.  

Kardos, born in Budapest, Hungary(1946-2018) studied under the guidance of renowned art teacher Barcyhal and was featured all over Hungary as a young artist.

Kardos later traveled to study and explore art in Sweeden, Italy, Spain, South America and The United States where he settled in Ramsey, NY.

Janos Kardos is reguarded as a unique and distinct figure in the international art community where his paintings are recognized and appreciated by critics and collectors alike.  "My goal is to reach a clear and unbiased communication with the spectators and have them experience the joy of life".

Griffith Art Gallery has enjoyed collecting, framing and showing Mr. Kardos's original one of a kind paintings to fine art collectors for many years.  The paintings available in the gallery are all originals acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

  Janos Kardos, age 72, passed away peacefully in his home on November 30, 2018.

Janos was an accomplised artist, committed to living a life that he loved-one of adventure, happiness, and self expression.  He approached every moment of every day with joy and passion, and sought to develop authentic relationships with all those around him usually with a strong cup of cofee in his outstretched hand.




A 20th century style of painting in which nonrepresentational lines, colors, shapes, and forms replace accurate visual depiction of objects, landscape, and figures. The subjects often stylized, blurred, repeated or broken down into basic forms so that it becomes unrecognizable. Intangible subjects such as thoughts, emotions, and time are often expressed in abstract art form.
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The Maestro
by Kardos
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Papal Bulla
by Kardos
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by Kardos
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by Kardos
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An art style developed in the late 19th century characterized by the incorporation of symb...
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