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First Name Althea
Last Name Lauriz
Born 1969-01-21
Country Spain
Hi my name is Althea Lauriz an Spanish-American artist with a taste of European and Western style. I’m blessed with one daughter who gives me inspiration with my works. I am currently a divorcee and decided to live with my sister in Hong Kong which currently helping me in raising my daughter and start a new life .

Painting became my passion ever since my grandfather, who is a native of Santiago, Spain taught me how to paint when I was still a young girl, and now I’ve decided to use this gift to earn some extra money to help raise my daughter on my own.

“La Pintura” is our family-owned gallery located at San Jose, California.
I did little painting jobs before on commission basis for different establishment in Hong Kong as a means of support while taking Asian Fine Arts in Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Age: 34
Medium of Art: Oil Paint Style: Flowers and Landscape design
Years as a Professional Artist: 8 yrs
An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist artists sought to break up light into its component colors and render its ephemeral play on various objects. The artist's vision was intensely centered on light and the ways it transforms the visible world. This style of painting is characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors used to recreate visual impressions of the subject and to capture the light, climate and atmosphere of the subject at a specific moment in time. The chosen colors represent light which is broken down into its spectrum components and recombined by the eyes into another color when viewed at a distance (an optical mixture). The term was first used in 1874 by a journalist ridiculing a landscape by Monet called Impression - Sunrise.
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A Tree in a Farm Field
by Lauriz
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Autumn in Lavender Field
by Lauriz
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