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Name  The Guard Dog of CrossRoads
Price, USD  109000.00
Status  Not for sale
Seller  Spiritually Enhenced Art
Size, cm  40.6 x 50.8 cm /switch
Artist  Lewis Shatto
Year made  2012-01-01
Edition  Original
Style   Symbolism
Theme   Spirituality
Media   Acrylic
Collection   Collection of the new exhibition - try and replace later
The masterpiece The Guard Dog of Cross Roads is very unique.

The black background in the painting represents void. Void is nothing and everything at the same time. The red head in the top left corner is the head of the Guardian Dog. It represents the understanding of who is its owner, as well as, knowing that its main purpose is to protect. The middle red piece is the wing of the dog which represents the power and knowledge of the dog. Also, the crossings on the wing are the roads in a person's life. The Guardian Dog understands this, and, therefore, protects. It starts from the big red cross in the middle of the wing. This red cross represents a new beginning.

The main purpose of the painting is protection. The painting will protect from evil spirits and materialistically undesired things in one's life. You may think of the painting as your Guardian Angel.

The painting is already charged with extrasensory energy. In order for the Guard Dog to identify its owner, one needs to share his/her energy with the painting. Recommendation - talk to the painting in the morning when you wake up and before going to bed for as long as 5 days. Moreover, touch the painting while you are doing it.

Show the Guard Dog your appreciation by speaking with it at least once a month after the first 5 days of acquaintance.

Remember that the painting has only one true owner.

The painting has been sold and no longer available.
Thank You.
For any special requests please contact

Thank You.
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