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Name  Sailboats in Bay
Price, USD  Contact Seller / Artist
Status  Not for sale
Seller  Griffith Art Gallery
Size, cm  40.6 x 40.6 cm /switch
Artist  Erich Paulsen
Edition  Original
Style   Impressionism
Theme   Transport
Collection   German Artists

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 14-Sep-2008 23:52
absolutely beautyfull, Nice thick rich texture with freeflowing strokes. Brightens up my day just by looking at it.
julio martinez
los angeles ca
email: meriandjulio@y..
 05-Nov-2007 12:55
i think the colors are beutifuly matched with the backround and the smothness of the painting is calming
trish caznamelon
new jersey , hobokin
email: 1234@h..
 04-Jun-2007 13:21
excellent style. i love the pallette knife style of painting. it is quite unique and extremely interesting. i would rate this painting and artist 5 stars. superb piece of work.
kevin kulhawy
pittsburgh, pa.
email: kkulhawy@m..
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