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What is Link Exchange
How to exchange links
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Terms and conditions

What is Link Exchange for you ?

Link exchange is the web implementation of the principle "set to get" also called link swapping and reciprocal link exchange. Swapping links is great opportunity for increasing website traffic and link popularity. The main idea is here that a link from your site doesn't affect your ranking, but a link to your site does increase it.

How to exchange links with us ?

Links exchange ( link swap ) is not a complicated process. The simple and direct way to exchange a link with us is straightforward 2 steps course of action.
Link exchange - Step 1: Add a reciprocal link from your website
Create an appropriate (see terms and conditions) link pointing to our website on one of your webpages. It should be like Art Gallery Worldwide - fine art oil paintings
Copy and paste the following html code into your website.
  Option - Simple Text Link
LooksArt Gallery Worldwide - fine art oil paintings
  Option - Text Link with description (we prefer this one)
LooksArt Gallery Worldwide - fine art oil paintings - Artwork of thousands artists in abstract art, landscape art, oil painting and many other styles and media. Website has service to buy and sell art.
  Option - Banner Link
LooksFine Art Gallery - oil painting, abstract art, landscape art
Link exchange - Step 2: Submit your website to our links
Fill up and submit the following form.
Name of your site
Url of your site
Short description
Contact Name
Contact Email
Select only one of the following categories where your website should be submitted:
related to our website  
any art related  
any other realated  
Url of your link to us

Terms and conditions

In order to fairly exchange links we would like to request that you link to us from:
  • Publicly accessible web pages - Indexed on public search engines ( Like Google, Yahoo, etc... )
  • Static web pages (regular html, htm )
  • NOT dynamically generated or scripted ( .cgi, .pl, .php, .asp, .jsp, etc ...)
  • NOT secure pages (shttp, shtml, etc ... )
  • NOT links with in Flash or Java applets
  • NOT redirectional pages or other mambo-jumbo tricks
This will allow search engine spiders to follow the links and re-index the pages.
We will of course do the same for you.
Please note: due to ethical and moral link exchange trading restrictions we regret we cannot trade links web sites related and/or associated with:
  • Human rights abuse and discrimination
  • Political or other Ideological speculation
  • Criminal or Military related or associated
  • Pornography or other form of sexuality abuse
  • Spam or other Aggressive Commercial Scam or Tero
  • Internet users abusive exposure and content.
If you agree, please proceed forward and we will gladly to add your link to our site.

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