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First Name Karen
Last Name Seamon
Country United States
Although Karen has been painting for many years, she only began exhibiting her work less than three years ago. As a self-taught artist she says, "I just learned everything the hard way."

During this brief period, Karen has gained recognition for her work in both oil and watercolor with first, second and third place honors at numerous juried competitions. Two of her figure paintings were recently judged by Mr. Aaron Berger, director of the Albany Museum of Art in Albany, Georgia, for a two-month exhibition at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art. One of her watercolor paintings, "The Firebird", was published in the Montgomery and the River Region Sketchbook which was released last Spring. She was selected by Art Business News to be on their panel of "live artists" at the 2005 Atlanta ArtExpo. In one of their upcoming issues, there will be an article by Ms. jessica Lyons, a contributing editor with the magazine, who will interview Karen regarding her figurative works. Her latest watercolor piece, "Steppin' Out II", was selected for the 65th Annual National Watercolor Society Exhibition in May 2006. And with her attention on detail and design, she has gathered fans and collectors as far away as Switzerland.

Karen paints with equal skill in oil, pastel and watercolor, three very different mediums. She believes that to be fluent in each not only helps to keep her fresh and enthusiastic, but also allows her more creative freedom. She has described her art as a passion, which is truly evident in her work. "Painting defines me," she says. "It's who I am, not just what I do." Her paintings represent the truth as she sees it. "For me, a picture must look real. If I can't believe the picture I paint, I am not satisfied. My paintings must be alive." Karen's paintings are, indeed, alive; her canvases are infused with a real passion for the subject.

She states, "The longer I paint, the more I enjoy this wonderful blessing of creation. Being given this incredible desire to be an artist, the rest has been just plain, hard work. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Karen uses her talent of depicting light and shadow to bring her canvases to life. "Light and shadow plays a major role in my work," comments the artist. It allows the painting to take on a life of its own. The wonderful thing in painting is that one can never reach the peak of ones endeavor. As the years go by, it may become more difficult to paint better than last year, but in the trying, one lives to the fullest as a painter. I hope I am always evolving as an artist, always reaching for the next level," she says. "We all need to continue growing into something beyond where we are now." She is pleased to share the results with you.

Karen and her husband, Shon, live in a quiet country setting just north of Montgomery, Alabama, with more than enough room for large family gatherings. Together they raised seven children and now have eleven grandchildren, with one great grandbaby on the way.
Canvas used for oil painting that is typically made of linen or cotton, stretched very tightly and tacked onto a wooden frame. Linen is considered far superior to the heavy cotton for a canvas.
Firebird II
by Seamon
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Tango Couple
by Seamon
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Sepia with Column
by Seamon
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