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First Name Asbjorn
Last Name Lonvig
Born 1949-02-27
Country Denmark


The Complete Fine Art works of World of Art Award Winning Artist Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark

Based on concepts and prices of the 2010 International Fine Art Exhibition in June in South Africa in which Asbjorn Lonvig participated.

Asbjorn Lonvig:
You never know when life's shirt is too short. Therefore I have selected the 328 best of my designs and put them for sale as signed original, inks on canvas and 210 numbered and signed Fine Art Prints of each motif - using the exact same concepts and prices as the "2010 International Fine Art Exhibition" in which I participated in June 2010 in South Africa.
I use IT in every possible aspect of the art process. I love the delicate combination of new and old. I combine the IT based art with the eldest German papermaker Hahnemühle founded in 1584 in Dassel/Relliehausen in Niedersachsen. A delicate combination like the contemporary architecture of the Louvre Pyramid and the 16th century architecture of The Louvre Palace - Le Palais du Louvre.
Prices: Originals US$ 8,632 each Fine Art prints US$ 2,000 - 3,000 each.

ADVERTISEMENT It's a good idea to buy Asbjorn Lonvig's works. He was awarded "The World of Art Award" from an art publishing house in London, UK. This autumn an art book "Creative Genius" is published, where 100 contemporary artists selected worldwide are portrayed. The art book is published by the publisher Masters of Today in London, UK. Asbjorn Lonvig is one of the selected artists. Last but not least, various critics compared him with Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky, and Warhol. The author Alain Joannes, Paris, France, who wrote about Asbjorn Lonvig's work "Soul Hurting Still" in his book "Comment communiquer par des images" has even compared Asbjorn Lonvig with Johann Sebastian Bach!!!!

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The images are arranged in 10 Collections. Click on an image below and see it enlarged and a description of each work.


The North America Collection

Canada West


Canada East

New York - Buffalo




Denver - Portland - San Francisco


Grand Canyon

Nashville, Tennessee (Lyrics from well-known songs visualized)

The South America Collection

Caminito (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Easter Island (Chile)


The North Europe Collection


Tour de France

Giro d'Italia - La Vuelta


Amsterdam - Berlin - St. Petersburg

Denmark - Hedensted - Brande - Vejle - The Little Belt - Funen


The South Europe Collection

Italy - Portofino - Sienna - Florence - Venice - Assisi - Paestum - Puglia

Rome - Colosseum - The Vatican - The Roman Forum - Pantheon -Museo Nazionale Romano Palazzo Massimo

Spain - Madrid - Barcelona - Costa Brava - Granada

The Abstract Collection - Colorful Simplicity
The East And Far East Collection.......

Japan - Golden Pavilion Tokyo Tower - Ginza - Fuji - Tokyo Portal

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Temple of Neptune
by Lonvig
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Temple of Neptune
by Lonvig
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Queen Charlotte Sound
by Lonvig
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Queen Charlotte Sound
by Lonvig
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