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First Name Anastase
Last Name Suvasa
Country United States


I began my sculpture work in 1985. While working on my first sculpture, I was criticized for claiming that it was my first sculpture. Apparently, someone did not believe that it was anywhere near my first sculpture, and was upset that I would therefore disturb the morale of the class.

I have always been intent on very, very thoroughly knowing anatomy, so much so that I can reproduce textbook quality, anatomically correct models from memory. I don't like sloppy anatomy. While modeling for art classes, art or anatomy teachers would often consult me (the model) for details. During those years, I realized that it was like being paid to go to anatomy college.

I have often thought of printing a book on anatomy, as some have occasionally recommended, but there are already plenty of anatomy books out there, and the depth of anatomical understanding coming to me is always increasing. I understand that the human form is the essence of all beauty, and I have subsequently taken advantage of this to reflect it in my work. I have seen a lot of two and three-dimensional depictions of the human form which did not inspire me that much. But I am nonetheless very inspired by any simplified figurative work if I feel that it is so because the artist has chosen it to be so, as opposed to it being so due to a limitation of anatomical knowledge.

My mother was a nurse, and at an early age I was introduced to anatomy via her clinical textbooks. My father was a science fiction oil painter, and with his tools, at that same period (6 years old) I produced my first crude oil painting.

Some sculptors who inspire me are Bernini, Caravaggio, and Canova. But also Michaelangelo. Aside from The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, I am not that thrilled by Rodin. Now, as far as contemporary, local artists go, such as Richard MacDonald, I think he has some sweet works, which I like a lot, I am inspired by, and think are superb, despite some comments that I have heard from some of my contemporaries whom I think may be infected with a degree of envy. My charcoal renderings have been compared by Bruce Wolfe (C.C.A.C.) with Nikolai Fechin. My limitations are not before me.

My objective is to illustrate by two and three-dimensional media metaphysical and theological subjects, and primarily those related to the Vedas of India. The human form, and I suppose, especially the female figure can be very useful for these purposes. I would like to be commissioned to do a major work that falls withing these parameters. I will also continue to work in oil, acrylic, ink, and charcoal.
by Suvasa
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by Suvasa
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