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First Name Xiaoyang
Last Name Galas
Born 1973-05-30
Country France
Personnal website at

1973 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

1993 Sketch "Torso" displayed at the Exhibition of China’s University Students exhibited nationwide, China.

1993-95 Studied at oil-painting department of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy.

1994 Paintings "Day with night", "Autumn" and other Oil Painting Exhibition, some other paintings collected by galleries in Taiwan & Hong Kong.

1994 Wrote script for "Qing Long Zhen Woodcut" art television program, broadcasted on CCTV, Chinese Educational TV, Sichuan TV & Chongqing TV stations.

1997 Painted a series of landscape paintings in Yunnan, wrote prose "Yunnan Travels" along with each paintings. The entire series was collected by a Taiwan Gallery.
Series "Flowers" collected by a gallery in Hong Kong.
Wrote script for art television program "If the Sky Had Feelings", broadcasted on CCTV, Chinese Educational TV, Chongqing TV & Sichuan TV stations.

1998 Commenced post-graduate studies majoring in Chinese ArtHistory and Art Critic at Sichuan Fine Arts Academy.

1999 Some academic theses and oil-paintings published in various magazines & newspapers.
"Qing Long Zhen Woddcut" and "If the sky had feelings" art television
programs awarded 2nd & 3rd prizes by Chinese Ministryof Education.

2000 Painted landscapes oil-paintings in China & France.

2001 Completed the thesis named "Vanished Views ----- Art of Ming and Qing Dynasty Rooted in the Classical Life and Psychological Mood" got the Master diploma for Chinese Art History and Art Critic from Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, Sichuan, China.

2002 Personal oil-paintings show "Cross Villages ----- From China To
Europe", Rentes Genevoises, Geneva, Switzerland.
"Spiritual Diaries" show, Gallery Leda Fletcher, Chinese Contemporary Art, Geneva, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition, Gex, France.
Personal exhibition, Nyon, Switzerland.

2003 Oil painting named "Sunshine, sea and village" has been published in the Travel Guide Corsica with all languages, Dorling Kindersley, London.
Personal exhibition "Echo of Nature — from China to Leman", Gallery Zabbeni, Vevey, Switzerland.
Personal exhibition "Colour and Poetry", Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland.

2004 Collective exhibition "Spring colors", Clinique de Genolier, Switzerland.
Collective exhibition, Galleria Luna, CA, USA.

August 2005 Personal exhibition, Château de Fonbonne, Evian, France.
An art movement founded in France in the last third of the 19th century. Impressionist artists sought to break up light into its component colors and render its ephemeral play on various objects. The artist's vision was intensely centered on light and the ways it transforms the visible world. This style of painting is characterized by short brush strokes of bright colors used to recreate visual impressions of the subject and to capture the light, climate and atmosphere of the subject at a specific moment in time. The chosen colors represent light which is broken down into its spectrum components and recombined by the eyes into another color when viewed at a distance (an optical mixture). The term was first used in 1874 by a journalist ridiculing a landscape by Monet called Impression - Sunrise.
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White poem
by Galas
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Wake up in Africa
by Galas
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by Galas
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Poeme de couleurs
by Galas
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Art in which recognizable figures or objects are portrayed.
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