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First Name Rebecca
Last Name Plank
Born 1983-03-21
Country United States

Beauty means something different to everybody. In my
work, I create images and spaces that I perceive as beautiful. My
focus has been on simple curvilinear shapes within a space. I have
a collection of oils that are centered around the human cell. As I
paint I think about how delicate life really is. The very essence of a
single circular shape reminds me of how simple life as a cell can
be. I wanted to try to capture the beauty within this small delicate
idea of creation. Another aspect that I incorporate into my work is
my inner conflict to control everything verses the desire to let
things flow and become what they will. The forms that interest
me the most are fluid flowing forms that focus on surface texture.
Using these forms I showcase fertility, womanly qualities, and
various shapes to visually articulate what it means for most
women to be feminine.  In the coming years I see my
work entwining itself further into my life thereby developing into a
body of work that represents my inner being.

A 20th century style of painting in which nonrepresentational lines, colors, shapes, and forms replace accurate visual depiction of objects, landscape, and figures. The subjects often stylized, blurred, repeated or broken down into basic forms so that it becomes unrecognizable. Intangible subjects such as thoughts, emotions, and time are often expressed in abstract art form.
Red and Green
by Plank
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