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First Name Gulten
Last Name Imamoglu
Country United States

Gulten Imamoglu’s paintings transfix their audience with their lush, vibrant colors and with the hypnotic movement of their compositions.  Her colors are strong and daring, but at times can seem ephemeral.  They appear aqueous in nature, as if giving an intimate view of the fleeting moment when two liquids merge.  The exterior borders of her colors are firm and deliberate while the interior of her compositions show colors layered, blended and growing out from one another with fluidity and grace.  Greens and reds intertwine and merge naturally.  Her skill is also demonstrated by the careful way that she adds nuanced details.  Her work is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope effect, a sea floor view, or a microscopic view of some fantastic organism.  Gulten’s compositions appear sometimes as large engulfing landscapes and sometimes as single abstracted figures suspended in some white gossamer void.  Her mastery of technique and beautiful imagery is the result of natural talent as well as a deep investment in academic ambition.
Gulten Imamoglu was born in Tokat, Turkey in 1970.  Graduating in 1991 from Ondokuz Mayis University in the Department of Art in Faculty of Education, she was appointed as a research assistant to the Department of Painting at the same university the following year.  Simultaneously from 1991 through 1994 she received a Masters of Fine Art, completing her thesis, “The View of Samsun Public to the Painting Art.”  Gulten went directly from graduate school to pursuing her PhD from 1994 to 1998.  She received her doctorate at the Ondokuz Mayis University and finished her thesis, “The Drawing Education as a Practice That Can Be Developed from the Objective Determination Techniques to the Subjective Expression in the Visual Expression” and was appointed as a member of the faculty in her department.  In 1999 she was assigned as an Assistant Professor at the Ondokuz Mayis University.  In 2005 Gulten not only became an Associate Professor, but was also the first Turkish painter to be invited to the 53rd Sausalito Art Festival in San Francisco, California and was also invited to the Sausalito Art Festival the following year.  She is currently a member of the International Association of Art and the International Soroptimist Club and is still working in the painting department of Ondokuz Mayis State University Art Critic Cerkes Karadag said of Gulten, “When we turn back to contemporary Turkish painting, we cannot turn our head away from Gulten Imamoglu’s ability of specific workmanship which is unprejudiced and away from imitation, who is running on a different lane with her simplicity and the forms she has constituted.  In an environment where many painters are submitted to reality of the photograph and see the impasse of ambiguity as an abstraction, the paintings of Gulten Imamoglu not only makes us look at them but also brings movement deeply to our perception by imprisoning our conscious into its motion.  Dynamism acquires originality, personalized and traditionalized in these paintings.  They cry the great meaning of creativity… I can not help myself saying, ‘Let your colors invite us and let your images make us dizzy forever.’” – Istanbul 2005

A 20th century style of painting in which nonrepresentational lines, colors, shapes, and forms replace accurate visual depiction of objects, landscape, and figures. The subjects often stylized, blurred, repeated or broken down into basic forms so that it becomes unrecognizable. Intangible subjects such as thoughts, emotions, and time are often expressed in abstract art form.
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by Imamoglu
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Second Life
by Imamoglu
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by Imamoglu
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by Imamoglu
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