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First Name Wayne
Last Name Vee
Born 1940-12-23
Country United States

Wayne Vee’s family moved to Houston when he was nine years old.  While attending Betsy Rose elementary school in the 5th grade, the oil company sponsored an art contest for all schools in Houston.  He won the contest and his watercolor painting was displayed in the museum of fine arts.  Wayne was encouraged by his mother to study and major in the arts.  He did so all through school and college.  Wayne graduated from the Texas Academy of Arts in the mid 60's.  While in the Navy aboard the USS Duncan DDR 874 (a destroyer), he was recommended by his executive officer to the Pacific Fleet artist staff.

Wayne has spent his life mastering the paintbrush.  He was commissioned to paint a portrait of Governor Preston Smith while he was in office, and later commissioned to paint the portrait of U.S. Senator Barbara Jordan.  Wayne has painted George Bush Sr. and Mikhail Gorbachev shaking hands.  This painting is located somewhere in Moscow, Russia.  He has painted hundreds of pictures across the United States.  Wayne was the first artist to paint the acceptable picture of the Marlboro man and their horse on a huge billboard (30' x 90') at the old Dallas Cowboy's stadium.

Wayne is a general aviation pilot, loves to play golf and ride his motorcycle, and enjoys his pets.  Wayne has been married for many years to his lovely wife Hetty.  They currently live in Teague, Texas.


Contact Info

Home Gallery: Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery

Gallery Address: 125-127 S. Mount, Fairfield, TX  75840

Gallery Telephone: (323) 270-6284

Gallery Email:

Gallery Website:

Management: Ken Vail, MPH, MA, Owner, Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery

A style of painting which depicts subject matter (form, color, space) as it appears in actuality or ordinary visual experience without distortion or stylization. In a general sense, refers to objective representation. More specifically, a nineteenth century movement, especially in France, that rejected idealized academic styles in favor of everyday subjects. Daumier, Millet, and Courbet were realists.
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"The Healer"
by Vee
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"The Young Cowboy"
by Vee
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"Home Sweet Home"
by Vee
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"Texas Fall"
by Vee
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Social Realism is a form of naturalistic realism focusing specifically on social problems ...
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