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First Name Amanda
Last Name Li
Born 1966-10-20
Country Canada
Service Beautiful Portrait by Watercolor or Acrylic Paints

I am a new artist doing mostly watercolor or acrylic.  I've taken courses at Emily Carr Art and Design (Vancouver) as well as obtained a diploma in Fashion Design (Vancouver).  (I also hold a degree in Pharmacy from UBC, Vancouver.) 

I remember the first remark on my artwork.  I was in my new grade 2 class after imigrating to Vancouver, Canada.  I was coloring in a picture of a poinsetta with a red pencil crayon along with my classmates.  My teacher told them to color it in "just as nicely as Amanda's".   

As you can imagine, my artwork continued to stand out during my school years.  That's what motivated me to a career in art. 

I love doing paintings of portraits but I am also interested in nature and animals like tigers or rabbits. I hope I can share my art with you. 

I am motivated to continue to do artwork now because many people ask how I learned how to draw like that.  It seems natural for me. 

Watercolour paintings are generally characterized by luminous transparency. These artworks are created by a paint medium that consists of pigment dispersed in gum arabic.
Year of The Girl and The Rabbit
by Li
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by Li
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Acrylic is a popular and versatile painting medium, using pigments dispersed in a polymeth...
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