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First Name Misha
Last Name Frid

Born in 1938 in Moscow, at the age of six Misha began his artistic studies at the prestigious art school for gifted young artists. He graduated with honors from Moscow State Art College and The University of Fine Arts in the capital. He also studied Film Directing at the University of Cinematography in Moscow.

Russian culture and literature influence his artistic perception. A love for the music of Russian composers and Russian Ballet, inspires him. He sees ballet as sculpture in motion. 

He was wildly acclaimed and his artworks were placed in prestigious museums, but he felt "muzzled" by restrictions against free artistic expressions. In 1972, with his wife Galina and their young sons, he immigrated from Russia to North America. The art which he has created in the Soviet Union was declared a National Treasure, and by law could not be removed from the country. His talent and golden hands enabled him to start his career again and face the challenges and difficulties of being a new immigrant in a new country. Freedom brought forth beauty. A classical romantic style emerged when the background of Russian school and culture where combined with New World Liberty. 

After some time, Frid had the lucky opportunity to develop a relationship and work with Erte, who was 80 years old, but still a living legend and Master of Art Deco.

Because there is so much stress around us, Frid opts for fantasy and dreams. Sculpting in bronze, he fashions beautiful graceful humans. In addition to balance and harmony there is also an original concept and philosophy. He explores the hypnotic power of music. Look closely and the figure will move. Listen and you will hear the full tone of the cello and the singing of the harp. His art is unforgettable and "All of us need to dream from time to time" he says. 

Frid's gift goes beyond sculpting exquisitely sensual figures. He brings them to life through details and patina. This is neo-classicism at its finest, the ability to create perfect traditional form then to inject thought and emotion. 

His predominant medium is bronze, Frid enjoys working with traditional materials like marble and wood and modern materials like crystal acrylic, where the play of light lends to an ethereal quality. 

He has exhibited in many cities such as London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York and many others. The response was overwhelming. 

His works are in private, corporate collections, represented in many galleries and museums around the world. His "Lady of the Lily" graces a Toronto street-scape. It was commissioned by the city as a public works display. 

Misha Frid is an Honorable Fellow of the Sculptor's Society of Moscow, a fellow of the Sculptor's Society of Canada, and an Official Sculptor for the 1996 100th Anniversary of the Olympics in Atlanta. American Sports Art Museum and Archives has three of his sculptures on permanent display.

He is now known as a world renown artist. He is currently resides in San Francisco Bay Area. 

In Misha Frid's art, there is always fluid motion, light, and Joy. As the sculptor of dreams, he shares his vision with other dreamers.

2. Education 

1944  School for Gifted Children

1954  Graduated with Honors

1954  Admitted to Moscow State Art College

1957  Graduated with Honors

1957  Admitted in Moscow State University of Fine Arts Sculpting Faculty

1962  Graduated with Honors

 3. Selected Exhibitions

1961  Annual exhibit of Young Artists of Moscow

1964  Monumental Art of Moscow, USSR

1966  Kunsthandwerlichen exhibition, Berlin, Germany

1966  Young Artist Exhibit, Warsaw, Poland

1967  Hermitage Monumental Art, Leningrad, USSR

1967  Russian Pavilion Montreal International Art Expo, Canada

1974  Gallery Tov, Jerusalem, Israel

1974  Museum of Natural Art, Albuquerque, New Mexico

1974  Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles

1980  Los Angeles Museum of Art

1981  Palm Spring Museum of Art

1985  Marigold Gallery, NY

1985  Lana Gold Gallery, Toronto Canada

1986  Hyat Hotel exhibit, Canada

1987  Connesure show, Canada

1988  Connesure Show, Canada

1989  International Art Expo, Canada

1990  International Art Expo, Canada

1991  International Art Expo, New York

1991  "Lady of the Lily" opening, Toronto

1993  International Art Expo, Tokyo Japan

1994  International Art Show, Miami

1995  International Art Expo, New York

1996  Sculptor Society of Canada one man show

1996  Robert Mede Gallery, Toronto

1997  Robert Mede Gallery, Toronto

1997  Gallery 1001, Toronto

2002  Prince Arthur Art Gallery, Toronto

2003  Toronto Inside Art Show

2004  Toronto Inside Art Show

2004  International Art Expo, New York

2004  Classic Art Gallery, Carmel, CA

2005  Permanent Display at American Sports Art Museum and Archives

2005  Pasquale Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006  Nevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2007  Nevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2008  Nevsky Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2008  ArtPeople Gallery, San Francisco, CA

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