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First Name Agron
Last Name Dine
Born 1948-09-05
Country Albania

Dine Agron takes top title of "Gratitude of the City of Vlora"
5 September 2008
Image here:
Theatre "Petro Marko" Vlora felt joyful atmosphere of many outstanding artists from many cities in Albania to be present at the exhibition of the painter Vlora Dine Agron. The participation was evident Mayor

Mr.Gjika SHpetim, who was the initiator and main supporter of this particular activity that was worthy of the artist in honor of our day, Mr. Agron Dine. Were also present and painters of the People of Skender Kamberi Jonuzi Nestor, Artists of the People Lisa Lasko, Meritorious Artists Mirush Kabashi of Albert Minga, deputy Bujar Leskaj, and many other personalities of art and culture, not only in Vlora. "We are here for two happy events for the exhibition of Dine Agron painter, but also to celebrate an event which relates to the life of this painter. Dine Agron open this exhibition on the 60th anniversary of his birth. "Theater director said" Petro Marko ", which further invited the many participants who had overflowing hall of the theater to see a documentary made by director Genc Demiraj of speaking about the life and artistic activity painter Dine Agron. The film showed, by word of many personalities interviewed artistic activity space Dine painter from his early life up to our day. Further, after the occurrence of this documentary Vlora many artists gave their thoughts on the art of painter concrete Dine Agron. "At Dine Agron not know where to focus when it comes to talking about his work, to think that is better in landscape or design. I feel proud to work Agron Dines and keep his works in my collection with much love, "says former Minister of Culture Youth and Sports and concurrently member of Vlora, Mr. Bujar Leskaj between participants in the hall." In this room is a beautiful and worth of the nation and of our time, that gives us pleasure with her love and generosity. Vlora except great things that has given the nation, has given many great painters, one of which is and Dine Agron, whose family I've known hard times, but it was their misfortune and luck for me I met a family that was not so materially, but spiritually and artistically, "- said among other things Mirush Kabashi artist emeritus. As both artist and emeritus "Honorary Citizen of Vlora" director Albert Minga known to express the superlative documentary featuring the painter Vlora Dine Agron. He says "I make an assessment of the documentary executors beautiful documentary praising appreciate that all artistic creativity of the painter Vlora Dine Agron. Agron is a great man is a man of "ordinary", is a citizen like other citizens of Vlora, so I like the first and last of the documentary which speaks of his art in tune with the time and that he makes a real art. ". Was followed with great interest and word of the People's painter Jonuzi Nestor, who made the assessment after Agron Dines's work is a fully expressive realism and moves in many records where its prevailing spirit profoundly lyrical said "Agron has defied age with his art because his art remains eternally young, resisting time and adapting to the new ". Dinah gave estimates for Agron and many friends of friends who knew him closely and that under Approach Agalliu parodistit humor, GMA KaÃÂĤanai singer, former student School of Arts "Frashëri" Vlora where Dine Agron is its director of several years, or talented violinist Hristo Artemis, currently student of this school, gave the evening an enjoyable atmosphere. At the end of evaluations from attendees who wanted to speak to Dine Agron painter climbs to the podium and get the word Mayor Mr. Rescue Gjika Vlora, which among other things said "Let me at this ceremony today, the birthday of Agron, where I do not mean for all years because it seems the organizers have not intentionally put there in the background, find the occasion to reiterate today that I am proud and honored not because I am in this important task for the city of Vlora cause and your contribution, but I feel really proud and honored to be Vlora, for I am of many fellow artists and prominent people of our city where merit a prominent place Agron occupies the least significant. "Gjika Mayor Furthermore, after said that "Dine Agron has given and received less" considered it, by an accredited person, entitled "Recognition of the City of Vlora" with citation:
"Distinguished painter, worthy representatives of the" School Picture Vlonjate "with creativity that prevails for the treatment of topics of the day with a clear visual language of creative spontaneity, expressed with a rich colorful colors in different genres as landscapes , portraits, compositions or watercolor. Great contribution in discovering and promoting new talent in the city of Vlora. "
After the mayor's words Gjika, who personally read the motivation for the talented painter Dine Agron Vlora, excited the latter says that "many things were said and I feel myself in a difficult position. Mr. Mayor thank Rescue Gjika, MP Mr. Bujar Leskaj Vlora, painters all my colleagues to come from Tirana, Fier, Berat and from many districts of the country, all friends of friends, art lovers, supporters of my paintings, those paintings my have in their homes, have with them and I'm happy, because they cast their eyes to the wall as the watch and remember me. The fact that they come here makes me feel excited

Eva & Adam
by Dine
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