Help : Set automated shipping calculation  
There is no problem if you did not set the automated shipping calculator. But you have to understand that if you skipped this, you will have the following scenario: When somebody starts to buy your art then the process of purchasing will be suspended. The buyer will be told to stop by and continue their purchase after the seller (you) sets the shipping price to his/her location. You have to set a shipping price directly by hand for this particular order in 24 hours. After that the buyer can continue their purchase. But nobody can guarantee that the buyer who initiates the purchasing will return and continue suspended purchasing on the next day. Sometimes people can change their mind or find another artwork.
So, strongly recommends defining the shipping at least for the domestic area.
Define what major types of packages you are going to use to send your artwork. Large envelopes will work fine for drawings on paper. Standard tubes could work for paintings on canvas. Then define the post service you are going to use. And finally define the location of the potential buyer. It could be one (home country) or more.
Check with the post service that you have just picked the biggest price for the particular area and for the particular type of package. For example what is the max price for shipping of a standard tube from your home to the furthest location in USA or Western Europe. Create the table of these prices depending on time of delivery (maybe just one).
Go to the SET SHIP page and fill in the information for each record from the table you have prepared. If you need more information about the fields on this page - use the CONTEXT button.
Go to the ARTWORKS page and one by one EDIT them by setting the type of the package for each of them. Remember there is a feature to correct a shipping price if the artwork has non-standard or not typical weight. It mainly could apply for sculptures. Otherwise, leave the field empty.
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