sell art online Sell art online
selling art work Selling art work
sell my art online Sell my art online
sell artwork Sell artwork

sell art online Sell art online

In order to sell art online
a gallery needs to have a high
ranked websites. The traffic
is critical issue and could be
handle only by professionals.

selling art work Selling art work

Online gallery is an indispensable
tool for sellling art work. It is
even bringing in new visitors
to a physical gallery. It's part
of local advertisement techniques.

sell my art online Sell my art online

In case 'to sell my art online
by myself' gallery or artist must
consider both the development
and support of its own website.
Traffic, security, new technology.

sell artwork Sell artwork

Online is not limited in space.
You could selling art work much
more than in a physical gallery.
Put all artwork online and expen-
sive ones in the physical gallery.

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  Very easy to setup and use
  Advanced representation
  Sophisticated sale system
  Safe place to sell art
  Centralized advertisement
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The list of the's features

Very easy to setup and use
2 easy steps and 5 minutes are enough to put your artwork on exhibit
A great Help System includes several wizards, a large scope help (workflow description) and context help (description for every field on every form)
Tutorial materials such as video training and how-to-do guides are available online
Online Tech Support is provided
Advanced features for the best online representation of your art
Artwork information includes 22 attributes, 1 main image and 2 fragments
Artist information includes photo, biography, country and more
You can set your art service such as creating artwork from customer's photo (e.g. portraits, humor, etc.)
You could create your own sub-galleries (collections) and group your art accordingly
Customer can browse through categories of style, media, theme and your collections
Customer can narrow the scope of searching by selecting artwork with particular range of sizes, prices, etc.
Customer is able to look at the artwork from different points of view: in different sizes, on the wall of the customer's room, etc.
Customer could send an artwork link through email to the friends and communicate with you through a built-in message system
Customer could create a wish list and place an order for a service, if you supply one.
Customer can buy your artwork using shopping cart and track delivery of the purchase
Sophisticated and flexible selling system
The site is designed for everyone who wants to sell art (artist, gallery, museum, dealer, etc.) The selling system can cover any situation
The system makes you able to sell your artwork here and in other places simultaneously
The system allows you to receive feedback, interact with customers and trade your art
You can sell original, limited or reproduction editions of your artwork
You can choose a method to sell (artwork is available, check availability is needed, etc.)
You can set an automated calculation of your shipping around the world
You can set an automated tax calculation and the terms of your sales
The system will notify you about sale requests by sending the message to your cell phone or email box
The system helps you to track your artwork sale from the order all the way through delivery
Safe place to be
Copyright protection provided by E-witness Service
Merchandise fraud protection provided Scam Patrol Service
Safe payment system trusted by over 100 million people
Double tracking of all payments of your sale
Centralized advertisement
Very high traffic of online visitors from major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
Over 7000 articles and valuable references from the art community produce stable traffic of new visitors to your art.
Visitor statistics inside your account
See more information about accounts specific features ...

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