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New plans of the website development :: AGW Hot News
On the bi-annual meeting of the company the following plans were approved for the next 6 months of the 2007 year: providing of the art forum, developing of the new art directories, adding the rating toolbar, critique and guestbook features, improving the gallery account, etc.
11-November-2008 |  It could be interesting for: A-artist, G-gallery, C-customer  |  Bulletin
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Related news, articles, events, etc.
Now you could create an article or an event which are related to a coming exhibition. A related event to this exhibition could be an opening party of the exhibition, etc. There is the capability to add related news, articles, exhibitions, events and programs.
31-Aug-09| For: G, C | Feature| More ...
The gallery account is improved
Art References (Link Exchange) functionality was added. Press section was added, short and full list of news, articles, etc. Search Engine Optimization of the websites was improved
30-Jul-09| For: G, C | Feature| More ...
Integration of the forum and AGW account
If you are an approved member, then you have the capability to post your questions on the forum, open new theme, etc. There is no additional sign up or sign in is required.
10-Jun-09| For: G, C | Feature| More ...
Blocking of spam messages to exhibitors
The spam messages to exhibitors became a big problem for the last year. We added a new functionality to prevent these spam messages.
10-Mar-09| For: A, G, C | Feature|  
The gallery home page is improved
From now on your have several options for the central part of your home page. You could pick up among two types of the static images, flash movies and custom html code.
15-Nov-08| For: G, C | Feature| More ...
The new map service for the galleries
The interactive map was added on the Gallery Info page for the online art galleries. An online user could move the map around, zoom-in, zoom-out, etc. There is also the new driving directions service. The user could see route on the map and the step-by-step driving directions to the gallery from the address that he/she provides.
23-Oct-07| For: G, C | Feature| More ...
New art rating service was added online
There are two places for an online user to rate the art. One is on the Artwork page and another is on the new homepage of our website - You can make this page your homepage.
25-May-07| For: A, G, C | Feature| More ...
Art Forum is our new free online service
Art Forum is a place to meet for all art lovers. It is our new free online service, which is donated to the art community. There are several art caf├ęs as places to make new friends and chat about anything to do with art. The Art Events part allows to announce and share any information about exhibitions, art competitions, awards, etc., with the art community. The third part of the forum is the exhibitor support forum.
26-Mar-07| For: A, G, C | Feature| More ...
Enhanced help for the gallery account
Now the complete information will be pre-filled if you open the gallery account. Combined with initial wizard, the online art gallery could be ready to use in 5 mins. It will have information about your art, exhibitions, events, location, etc. The descriptions of the fields had been also added.
19-Jan-07| For: G | Feature| More ...
New Affiliate program for artists
The new Affiliate program was added online for artists. The program was designed around a no-hassle, zero-risk approach, successfully maximizing the benefits to the artists and to those affiliates whom the artists refer to us. Simply stated, it is a Win/Win situation!
07-Dec-06| For: A | Feature|
New plans of the website development
On the bi-annual meeting of the company the following plans were approved for the next 6 months of the 2007 year: providing of the art forum, developing of the new art directories, adding the rating toolbar, critique and guestbook features, improving the gallery account, etc.
11-Nov-06| For: A, G, C | Bulletin|
Anti-Spam protection was added online
Anti-Spam protection blocks the sending of the automated spam messages to the art exhibitors. Since the number of those messages was recently increased, that feature was added to ensure quality of the received messages.
02-Nov-06| For: A, G | Feature|
The growth of our online gallery
As our gallery is growing, the number of active exhibitors is over 1000 with the total number of artwork being over 7000. That is almost a 300% increase compared to the previous year.
28-Aug-06| For: A, G, C | Feature| More ...
Fraud protection: Scam Patrol is online now
Scam Patrol helps exhibitors to spot a suspicious buyer. It finds a real location, recognizes hiding techniques, checks blacklists and scrutinizes the behavior of the buyer. Now an exhibitor could check the Scam Patrol report for each contact received.
05-Jul-06 | For: A, G | Feature| More ...
Visitor Statistics for the exhibitors
The exhibitors now could see the details of the online statistics regarding their artwork. The new feature allows the seeing of the total number of exposures, the numbers of low and high interest views and the number of unique visitors to your artwork per day, month and year.
26-Apr-06 | For: A, G | Feature|
New Image Studio upgrade
The previous page for uploading images was replaced with the new Image Studio. The new version is more reliable and compatible, since it works in the same window. It has a group of new features: rotate image, flip image, brighten or darken image, crop image and undo changes.
20-Mar-06| For: A, G, C | Feature|
Search Engine Traffic Calculator for art
New service was added for the exhibitors. Now you could make the independent analysis and compare the online traffic of users between different art related websites. Every website claims to be the most visited. Now you could see the real rank of a website in the online art market.
12-Feb-06| For: A, G| Feature| More ...
Copyright Protection Service
E-witness Service assists you in the copyright protection. Create e-witness records for your original artwork before somebody else does! Request an email with your e-witness record from us to anybody if you have a copyright issue. This is a free internet service for artists only.
16-Jan-06| For: A| Feature| More ...
The improvement of the support system
The Online Tech Support by 'live chat' and the new package of the video tutorials were added to the exhibitor account. We also made the improvement to the wizards, online and context help.
02-Sep-06| For: A, G | Feature|
Google increased the rank of our website
The rank of our website was increased by Google up to the PR6. That improved our position in the online art market. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated and worked on our website.
01-Jul-05| For: A, G, C | Bulletin|
Now you could create the online art gallery
The biggest improvement is that from now on we offer the service not only for artists, but also for all kinds of galleries. This new service allows galleries to easily create their own website. You will have a full size website under your own name, including your own logo, news, articles, exhibitions, artists, online catalog and more.
25-May-05| For: G| Feature| More ...
More online users from the Search Engines
Last month was moved significantly up in the major Search Engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo). Now we are on the top 3 pages for art related searches. This has considerably increased the traffic to our website.
01-Feb-05| For: A, G, C | Bulletin|
The old news (later 2005) were archived
An Empty Shop Fills With Art
In Britain as in America, the recession has forced many retail businesses to close or move to cheaper premises, leaving behind vast spaces that have generally remained empty. ... Now independent curators and entrepreneurial artists ... are stepping into the breach, persuading landlords and municipal councils to turn vacant spaces over to them temporarily.
31-Aug-09| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
Louvre Launching English Online Database
Not being in France and not being able to read French are no longer good excuses for not immersing yourself in the collection of the Louvre. On Wednesday, the museum plans to announce that it will make an English-language version of its online database available on its Web site,, starting Thursday.
30-Jul-09| For: A, G, C | Technology| More ...
London's Art Market Goes Flat
Last year, London edged past New York to become the world's top art marketplace by sales, thanks mainly to an influx of wealthy buyers from Russia, Asia and the Middle East who wanted to buy art closer to home. Now, midway through London's summer art auctions, the same factors that once counted in London's favor seem stacked against it.
27-Jun-09| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
The new way of art exhibitions
In the era of movies with elaborate special effects and video games with graphics that cause players to marvel at the feeling of being inside the game, its no wonder museums are scrambling to keep up.. Now, with improved technology, the experiential exhibit is reaching new heights and turning up in a variety of venues.
19-Oct-07| For: A, G, C | Museum| More ...
Liz Taylor Gets To Keep Van Gogh
The actress bought Vue de l'Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy, estimated to be worth $10-15m, in 1963. But the family of a previous owner said it had been looted and wanted it back. The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a decision made by a lower court in 2005 that the heirs waited too long to take action.
21-May-07| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
Picasso is the bestselling artist in 2006
For the 10th consecutive year, Picasso has been named the top-selling artist of the past year by Artprice, an international agency that monitors art sales and auctions around the world. The Cubist master remained on top in 2006, with sales of his work totalling $339.2 million US.
23-Mar-07| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
Christie's Increases Commissions
Starting on Feb. 5 during a round of London sales, buyers at Christie's will pay 20 percent on the first 250,000 pounds ($500,000) of the hammer price and 12 percent on the rest. The auction house says it needs to 'stay competitive'.
31-Jan-07| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
Arts Council England's Collection is Online
The collection contains about 7,500 works by more than 2,000 British artists, including works by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, Paula Rego, and Gillian Wearing. Now, for the first time, the catalogue of the collection can be seen online.
26-Dec-06| For: G, C | Museum| More ...
MoMA opens Research Center
The Museum of Modern Art opens an education and research building that will make some of its holdings more accessible. Together the library, archives and study centers constitute the most comprehensive research collections for modern and contemporary art.
28-Nov-06| For: G, C | Museum| More ...
Big Night At The Auction House
Sotheby's makes a strong showing with Modern and Impressionists. Cezanne Brings the Top Price at Auction. Although there were few fireworks and only an occasional bidding war, the evening totaled $238.6 million
08-Nov-06| For: A, G, C | Commerce|
End of an era at the DeCordova
The director of Boston's DeCordova Museum is leaving his post after 22 years. Paul Master-Karnik insists that he made the decision to depart on his own. He wants to take time to figure out his next step in this business and in his life.
05-Nov-06| For: A, G, C | Museum | More ...
Getty Has A New Antiquities Policy
The Getty's new rules allow for buying pieces that were exported from their home country after Nov. 17, 1970. As long as they are accompanied by documentation, the export is legal. The November 1970 cutoff date was originally adopted by a United Nations convention to prevent the illegal trafficking of archaeological material.
05-Nov-06| For: A, G, C | Commerce| More ...
Decision On Chinese Art Imports
In a move that has cheered museum directors and art dealers and dismayed archaeologists, the State Department has agreed to delay a decision on a controversial request from China that the United States strictly limit imports of Chinese art and antiquities.
18-Oct-06| For: A, G, C | Commerce|
The Artist's Fingerprint
Using high-resolution scans of paintings, the Authentic software builds up a library of characteristics, such as brushstrokes, colors and type of canvas used, that form a 'fingerprint' for a particular artist. A painting can then be compared against this fingerprint to help experts decide whether it is a fake. The new software was not designed to replace the opinions of art historians but as a tool that would help them with their work.
11-Oct-06| For: A, G, C | Technology| More ...
A New Department For "Media" At MoMA
New media. Digital art. Interactive installation. No matter what ungainly term you choose, the field of artists whose work falls outside the traditional realms of photography, film, and video is growing. In recognition of that fact, the Museum of Modern Art announced yesterday the creation of a new Department of Media.
03-Oct-06| For: A, G, C | Museum| More ...
Cuts Put Canadian Museums At Risk
Canada's new Conservative government announced these weeks that it would be making major cuts in the Heritage Department, "$4.6-million of which would be coming from the Museums Assistance Program (MAP) over the next two years." The announcement has rocked the country's regional museums, which will be in danger of closing if new revenue streams can't be found to replace the federal money.
27-Sep-06| For: A, G, C | Museum|
Copyright Of Wall Street's Bull
The artists who created the famous charging bull on Wall Street is suing eight companies, including Wal-Mart for infringing on the copyright of his work. "Arturo Di Modica claimed the companies are selling knockoff copies of his sculpture or using images of the famous statue in ad campaigns without his permission, according to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court.
21-Sep-06| For: A | Copyright| More ...
The Numbers On Art Thefts
Experts have a tally of 170,000 pieces of missing art - many stolen from private homes, others taken from museum walls or pilfered from storerooms. Only a small fraction is ever found: Interpol puts the figure at around 10 percent.
07-Sep-06| For: A, G, C | Other |
The old news (over 12 m.) were archived
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