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Your Online Art Gallery

Benefits of our Service

You will have
You will have a full-size website, including online catalog, e-commerce, artists, news, articles, exhibitions, programs, events, order-by-photo, etc. All this is maintained online as easily as you work with an online email service (yahoo, hotmail, etc.). The programmer's work is NOT needed to maintain your website. Keep in mind that we could set up the whole new website for you (ex: And we also could integrate it to your existing website (ex:


  • There is a free 14-day full functional trial.
  • Setup and installation fee is $200.
  • Your monthly fee is $56. It allows you to exhibit 600 works of art.
  • Price for each additional set of 100 works of art is $8 per month.
  • No commission fee.
It is very art-specific.
Here are just some of the art features of your website: 'Artist page', 'Artwork page', 'Calendar of exhibitions', 'Order portrait by photo', 'See artwork on wall in your room', 'Select artworks by size, style, media, theme, etc'. The website is very flexible for changes and additional features.

It brings high traffic of new visitors.
By setting up your artwork you will make it exposed both on your website and on the major website of our system - You will be the exhibitor and the seller on both websites. That way, the average visit statistics per month for our gallery members are: 5,000-15,000 unique online visitors, 20,000-50,000 times artwork were exposed, 4,000-8,000 initial interest views, 500-1,500 high interest views

It saves your money.
You will save on the work of programmers and other tech specialists. The rate of these specialists is $30-60 per hour. Another savings is the online traffic. Google charges $75-$150 per month for the same amount of online traffic received through the AdWords.

The way everything works

By uploading your artwork you make it exposed both on your website and on our highly visited website - Click the images for more information.

Your next step

Try the free 14-day trial. Your demo online gallery could be created in 5 minutes and you will have several hundreds of visitors each day immediately from You could stay with our service, if you set up the payment. Otherwise your gallery will be simply deactivated at the end of the trial period. No obligations.
* The wizard will guide you through the initiation of your online gallery. We recommend having several image-files of your art ready to upload.

More information

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