sell art online Search Engines Facts
selling art work Search Engines War
sell my art online Get Online Traffic
sell my art online Sell your art online

sell art online Search Engines Facts

75% to 85% of users go to
search engines to find sites.
57% of users do searches every
day. 28% of users most probably
use search engine when seek
some product.

sell my art online Search Engines War

Share Of Searches in past year:
Google is first with 47 percent,
Yahoo! at 22 percent and
MSN at 12 percent of all searches.
AOL Search held 5 percent.
My Way and Ask took by 2-3%.

sell my art online Get Online Traffic

You can buy traffic: pay-by-view,
click, pop-ups, pop-downs, banners, . .
Be careful, though. Cheating is likely.
The traffic from the free listing
on search engines guarantees you
real visitors, not artificial traffic.

sell art online Sell your art online

In order to sell your art online
your gallery must have a highly
ranked website. The good and not
the artificial traffic is a critical
issue for the sales and rather be
handled by professionals.

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Search Engine Traffic Calculator for Visual Art (beta)
  Website   Total SE Traffic
per month
  Number of artwork   SE Traffic per
100 artwork
(The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY)
  133,400-66,700   2,000,000   6-3
(Art Gallery Worldwide, Online)
  120,200-60,100   8,700   1,300-690  
    Enter website and click the button    
  Columns Description
Website is a name of a website, which is an estimation you want to calculate.
Total Traffic per month is the estimated number of online users who came from the major Search Engines to the website during last month.
Number of artwork on the website. The column is applied only for galleries with many artists/sub-galleries. This factor helps to estimate what would be your part in the website.
Traffic per 100 artwork. This factor helps to estimate what part of the traffic would receive your 100 artworks inside the website. The column is applied only for galleries with many artists/sub-galleries.
  Calculation Method
1) We take a list of keywords and phrases online users use to find artwork online. The list of keywords/phrases and the number of searches for the period of the last month is taken on the monthly basis from official publications. The list includes: art, art gallery, abstract art, landscape art, art painting... Total number is about 120 of the most popular keywords and phrases. We make several corrections for some ambiguous words.
2) Every month we make a snapshot of the first several result pages of each selected word and phrase on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Based on that information we rank websites by how many visitors they receive for each keyword/phrase. Of course it is done on the basis of the website position on the result pages. The part of the visitors for every next position is decreasing.
3) Finally, we generate a table of about 4000 art related websites summarizing traffic for all keywords/phrases for each website. Only these websites gain any significant art related traffic from the search engines.
  Disclaimer and limitations
Remember that it is not a calculator for total incoming traffic to a website. Search inquiry results from the major search engines only are used. Only visual art related searches are counted. Additional traffic (not counted by this calculator) includes returning visitors, pay-by-click, link-exchange, email-ads visitors, . . .
We do not guarantee 100% accuracy of the calculations. Some keywords/phrases are perhaps missing. Some constants are empiric and can be refined. This service is provided to you "AS IS" AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
We appreciate your feedback, if it will help to improve the calculator.

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