sell art online Sell art online
selling art work Selling art work
sell my art online Sell my art online

sell art online Sell art online

In order to sell art online
a gallery needs to have a high
ranked website. The traffic is
a critical issue and could be
handled only by professionals.

selling art work Selling art work

The online gallery is an indispensable
tool for selling art work. It is
even bringing new visitors to
a physical gallery. It's part of
local advertisement techniques.

sell my art online Sell my art online

In case - 'to sell my art online
by myself', the gallery or artist
must consider both the development
and support of its own website.
Traffic, security, new technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  I forget my username and password for your web site.
How could I delete my account after the 14-day trial?
How much I have to pay for your service?
I am an agent of an artist. Could I exhibit the artwork of the artist?
Could I sell my art through your and other gallery at the same time?
I have problem with the uploading my picture. What I do wrong?
Where are all the hits coming from?
Could I exchange link with your website?
Q:  I forget my username and password for your web site. Is it possible to send me this information on my email?
A:  Your Exhibitor ID is your email address (case insensitive). The password could be obtained by using the Remind-Me Service page. It will be sent to your email address.
Q:  How could I delete my account after the 14-day trial?
A:  At the end of the trial period you will receive the email of confirmation that your account is deactivated. No other action is needed. We don't delete accounts completely since some artists did trial period too many times. The account deactivation makes all your information and art is invisible and unavailable for any online users.
Q:  How much I have to pay for your service?
A:  It depends on the account type you want to open. You could always check current conditions and prices on the Compare Exhibitor Accounts page.
Q:  I am an agent of an artist. Could I exhibit the artwork of the artist?
A:  Yes, you could. If you want to exhibit artwork of only one artist use the Artist Account. Otherwise, you have to use the Gallery Account. That allows you to exhibit and sell artwork of more than one artist.
Q:  Could I sell my artwork through your gallery if I am already selling this artwork through other gallery?
A:  Yes, you could. System has the feature, which provides the simultaneous selling your artwork through our gallery and other places (online or not). As the seller you have to set the Status on the Artwork page to 'For sale, check'. That makes the artwork available for online sale. But the buyer will be put on hold until you confirm that the artwork is still available. You will be notified through your email regarding that request.
Q:  I have problem with the uploading my picture. I was able to upload it, but when I hit the save button they don't comeback. I use very slow dial up connection. Size of the image file is 562kb.
A:  We have the session timeout - 30 min. It is more than enough even for dial up connection if only you have a proper resolution of your image file. Keep in mind that max resolution of a computer screen is only between 800 and 1024px. And it doesn't matter how big the resolution of your original image file was it will be converted to the resolution 800px in our server. According to the size of your file I can say that your resolution 4 times more than it could be present on a computer screen. And the size of the file is 16 times bigger then it is necessary. There are a lot ways to change the resolution. Start with software, which works with your digital camera. If you have Microsoft Photo Editor, then use Menu -> Image -> Resize utility. Check also . There is some free software to change the resolution of an image file.
Q:  Where are all the hits coming from?
A:  Major hits are coming from Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). To understand the way it works you should take a look at the next example: the number of searches for the term 'art gallery', according to is about 160,000-240,000 per month (not including Google). If you try this phrase you will see that our website is on the first page of all major Search Engines. And this is one of over one hundred terms which direct traffic to us. See our Search Engine Traffic Calculator for Visual Art for more details.
Q:  We would like to exchange link with your site. Would it be possible to email us a detail instruction on how we can exchange links?
A:  You must fill out the form on the Art Links Exchange page. If the page you will be willing to place a link to us has reasonable PR, not many outgoing links and relevant content to the category you want to have your link in, then your link exchange will be seriously considered.
If you have more questions call us through Online Live Chat Support.
If no operators are available or it is not our business hours you could send us your question via email

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